An Expat Life Coach in Berlin

As an expat Life Coach, my vision is to empower expats to empower themselves – to guide each client toward living their fullest, most authentic life. I believe we all have what it takes to master our reality and live as the people we aim to be, even in unique, sometimes-perplexing Berlin.

As humans, we’re inherently driven to keep moving forward, find direction, and live with purpose, connection, and joy; however, it can be difficult to know where to start and what steps to take on our own, especially as expats in Berlin. This is where my Coaching comes in.

Metaphorically speaking, my Coaching is centered on the idea that we all inhabit stories we’ve written for ourselves, based on past experiences and learned responses. This story, and your role in it, determine your view of the past, opportunities in the present, and trajectory for the future. If your life isn’t working out as you’d hoped, or you feel stuck, or angry, or anxious, it’s most likely the case that you view your role, observations, and circumstances as truths, when in reality they’re subjective. My Coaching can help you recognize your limiting beliefs, reframe your perspective, and empower you to reengage in your own life. 

As a scientific explanation, we all think, feel, and behave according to the wiring in our brains. Since your birth, your brain has been creating, migrating, and killing neurons, based on your experiences and genetic tendencies, and these neurons form a map of connections. My Coaching focuses on harnessing the brain’s potential and overcoming its inherent limitations, to give you the best chance at success. Primarily, we’ll focus on utilizing your prefrontal cortex to override your base, instinctual self. This means you’ll be able to manage and direct your thoughts, emotions, and behavior, placing you in full control of your life.

As a Life Coach, I prepare you for the challenge of transformation by drawing from the principles of various methods, including CBT, NLP, and Positive Psychology. My aim is to meet your needs using innovative, current thinking, to help guide you through the process of self-discovery and empower you into a fresh, inspiring perspective. We’ll also explore your story and envision a bold, new future while taking into consideration your unique motivations, strengths, and values, as well as your fears, obstacles, and vulnerabilities. We’ll identify where you’re at in life, how certain perspectives were formed, and which strategies to pursue going forward. 

The power of Coaching lies in the alliance between Coach and Client. While I’m the expert Coach, you’re the expert on your life. Together, we form a team particularly qualified to get you from Point A to Point B. No matter what you’re going through or what you want to achieve, we can conquer it together. You will access that deep, courageous part of you, awaken your dormant potential, and discover the power of transformation.


Interview Coaching

Berlin is internationally reputed as being full of accessible jobs. Yet my experience with clients has put this reputation into question. Through them, I’ve learned that the job market here is particularly fierce, requiring the completion of untold applications, with little or no response in return. Because our expectations are falsely high, the reality is all the more devastating.

To get a job in this environment, you must portray your best interview self, represent yourself in the ideal light. There are many tricks to this, and my interview Coaching is designed to make them apparent and available to you during the interview process. In our sessions, we’ll sharpen your focus, prepare you for challenging questions, and remove your doubts, so you’re ready to bring your best, most confident interview self to the table.

If you’re preparing for an interview or simply want to be ready if opportunity strikes, feel free to contact me for a free initial session.

Here is one example of a client’s experience:

“I contacted Heather very short notice to help me prepare for a job interview at a company that really interested me. After a long job search, I wasn’t feeling confident with answering even the basic interview questions and I was also feeling uninspired for shining in the fast paced startup scene. After our 2 hour session, we went through the basics and I felt more than ready for my interview – Heather was understanding and amazingly supportive from the very first minute. The interview went so smooth, one month later I was signing my contract!”
-Teresa M.

Couples Coaching

Each person brings a unique perspective to their relationships, created through their childhood experiences, past relationships, and personality type. The key to couples coaching is understanding the script each client is running in their relationship, and how these scripts are interacting. Sometimes, we can become attached to our assumptions and get stuck in patterns that are detrimental to our relationships, so the script needs to be edited.

During our sessions, we’ll discuss where your relationship has gotten stuck, how to be more mindful of your patterns, and what to do with your new knowledge of yourself and your partner. Our ultimate goal is to open you up to the potential to transform your lives together and give you the tools to begin speaking, listening, and behaving in a way that enhances your relationship. Together we’ll create a shared vision for your future and start you on your new journey.

At this time of difficulty and upheaval, it’s especially important to treat your partner with empathy and extend them grace whenever you can. Get in touch if you’re interested in being your best self with your partner and acting as a strong support network for each other. Afterall, mutual, respectful, authentic relationships are a protective shield against the hardships of the world.


Life is too short to live by default. Why not try to unlock that new, excited, capable version of yourself?


Session Options

Single Session. For clients who are confident in their ability to achieve their goal with the insights gained from one session. Or for those who would like to take the Coaching journey one session at a time. €80

3 Sessions. Ideal for most clients. Finding clarity and focus, and designing a plan can be very motivating; however, it’s common to run into inner obstacles after the first session. The second and third sessions are meant to discuss, understand, and overcome these obstacles. €240

6 Sessions. For those with long-term goals and big aspirations. €480 

Additional Information

Our initial session is free of charge and meant to determine if we are a good fit for each other and if we mutually wish to continue sessions

Our sessions are completely confidential

Online sessions are an option

You can book a double session if you would like more time to discuss an issue or plan for obstacles

Groupings of 9 or 12 sessions are also available upon request

You will receive specific information regarding the session’s location, method for payment, and a basic services contract via email prior to the preliminary session

Hybrid Model for Coaching Sessions

The Corona Virus crisis turned our lives upside down, and it’s still negatively impacting us in some ways. However, it also offered us the opportunity to reassess our lives, create new patterns, and reorient around activities, mental spaces, and relationships that fill rather than drain us. For me, it prompted a transition from offering only in-person sessions to providing a hybrid approach, in which the client can choose to meet virtually or in my office. I’m still using this model, so feel free to choose whichever option suits you best for your sessions.