Aspirations and follow-through in 2022

When we dedicate any time to a mental exercise in which we imagine our life without Covid, we realize just how much has changed and what […]

Beyond survival mode: What the Enneagram reveals about how you’re dealing with the pandemic — and how your Superpower can help you through it

To say life is somewhat of a bummer these days would be a severe understatement. Although we’re starting to get back to normal in Germany, our […]

Boundaries in the time of Corona

Have you seen these videos, the ones showing people literally wearing their social distancing boundary? There have been so many times in the past few weeks […]

Staying calm, mindful, and connected through the coronavirus crisis

In this time of unprecedented uncertainty and insecurity, our moods will range from simmering unease to straight up panic. Even if we haven’t personally experienced the […]

victim vs master mentality

Are you living your life as a victim or a master of your circumstances? Someone with a victim mentality believes their circumstances are outside of their […]

The truth about self-confidence

As a Coach, I spend a lot of time considering self-limiting beliefs, those “truths” we think about ourselves that inhibit our optimism and potential. One of […]

What is a Life Coach?

What is a Life Coach? The term has become notorious, which has led many people to believe they also know its definition and purpose. I beg […]