About Me: A Berlin Life Coach

I’m Heather, an American who has spent the past nine years living in Europe. I hold a Master’s degree in Psychology (Human Development focus), and I’m married, an avid piano player, traveler, reader, marathon runner, and Enneagram enthusiast. In my past, I worked as a teacher and counselor, and I plan to never stop being a student of psychology. 

I originally moved to Europe because of my husband’s work. We spent a few beautiful, quiet years in Lausanne, Switzerland, but then happily accepted an offer in Berlin. We were ready for something completely new and bold, and Berlin hasn’t disappointed. Between constantly battling the German language, discovering new places and stories, and meeting people from around the world, Berlin has kept me busy.

Overall, living abroad has given me so much, including great friends, job opportunities, and expansive new perspectives. But it also continually tests my resolve through enormous challenges and change. For years, I was wandering through life, unaware of my potential to control my experience, but I’ve now learned to harness my ability to dictate the direction of my life with purpose and clarity. My hope is to give my clients the tools they need so they too can take charge of their lives and become who they aspire to be.

Why Choose Me as Your Life Coach?

I believe in you. I am passionately dedicated to the fact that, through self discovery, everyone can unlock their inner ability, courage, and strength to live as their truest and best self.

I share your experiences. While my roots are in the U.S., my life is in Berlin. As a Berlin Life Coach, I am well acquainted with the joys and hardships that come with living abroad. I offer coaching in English.

I am a certified Life Coach. I hold a Professional Coaching Certification from ILS International. This uniquely qualifies me to guide each client through the process of life transformation and self discovery.

My Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Boise State University

Master’s degree in Human Development from Boston University

ACTP Professional Life Coach certification from InnerLifeSkills (ICF accredited)