Life abroad is challenging, but it’s also an opportunity to discover and redefine yourself. My mission is to help you take full advantage of your fresh start and transform into the person you aspire to be, personally and professionally. If you’re choosing to stay in your comfort zone, despite the available possibilities; or feeling alone or isolated; or like you’re not reaching your potential or living out your purpose, I can help you reach the next level of self-awareness and guide you through the process of transformation.

You must understand where you are now before you can reach your destination. Locate yourself and unlock the person you aspire to be.

Our Coaching Together

Life Coaching is an opportunity to get to know your true self. It’s a chance to make massive change and jump-start a new phase in your life. It’s a lifeline to healthy, inspiring strategies. It’s designed to bring about mindfulness, awareness, and motivation, so that you can start diffusing the power of your negative thoughts and rewiring your brain.

As your expat Life Coach in Berlin, my ambition is to empower you to empower yourself. And if you’re nervous about trying Coaching, please don’t let that hold you back. I consciously create a safe space in which you can simply come as yourself. You don’t need to prepare or bring a topic. My aim is to support you through the process of self-discovery and acceptance so you can come from a place of optimism, take charge of your choices, and create the life you imagine for yourself abroad. Overall, I hope to motivate you to embrace change, establish a unique, meaningful path forward, and live with strength, self-love, and purpose. Whatever you’re aiming for, our teamwork can get you there.

My Transition to Expat Life Coach

From Idaho, USA, to Berlin, with some steps in between. My journey has brought me great joy, and it has also brought me to my knees. I’ve been there, in the trenches. Just like every Expat, I’ve seen times of loneliness, anger, fear, sadness. But I also believe my journey has given me the chance to grow into my true self.

I decided to become a Life Coach in Berlin because I hoped to bring what support I could to the Expat community by providing convenient and affordable mental health services in English, which I found to be lacking in the city. As a longtime Expat myself, I feel I can offer insight and guidance, as I’m distinctly aware of the complications and incongruities that come with a life abroad. But more importantly, I cherish the beauty and freedom that arises once these challenges are conquered. What’s more, I believe every Expat has the potential to adapt and prosper in a life abroad, and my ambition is to revitalize each and every client with this awareness.


Client Testimonials

“Heather was great to work with. I did both in-person and virtual meetings with Heather, and in each case, she was professional, helpful, and asked great questions. As I was navigating which path I would like to take in the future, I needed someone who could help me understand my values and visualize options. By the end of our sessions, I had a clear path forward; I felt confident in the next steps I was taking and I knew that I had really weighed all of the options, including how they match with my values and life goals.”
Kelsey I.
“Right from the first intro session with Heather, I understood she had the empathy and experience in psychology I was looking for in a Life Coach. She soon understood what both my obstacles and needs were, and we started a journey of digging in my past while figuring out where I wanted to project myself in the future. I loved her approach of pushing you to look at something you take for granted, from a different perspective. We worked together for a few months and I already recommended her to some friends of mine. Really happy I came across Heather!”
-Andrea D.
“Heather was invaluable to me last year. I had become so enmeshed in German bureaucratic tangles and overwhelmed with looming deadlines that I had virtually come to a stop—which only exacerbated the problems. Heather helped me identify and work through the uncertainties and anxieties that were preventing me from acting effectively. I particularly appreciated Heather’s focus on my concrete situation so that our discussions were always productive. With her help, I was able to finish the year with everything sorted and with the self-knowledge to respond to pressures more effectively in the future.”
-Denise N.
“Heather is a very insightful life coach and I couldn’t have broken the negative spiral I was in without her. I was experiencing anxiety and a lack of confidence in my professional circumstances after relocating to Berlin. Her method of asking poignant questions allowed me to understand the source of what I was feeling as well as showing me ways to change those patterns. Her openness and empathy made me feel totally at ease and generously supported in the process. I feel so much more positive and hopeful about my circumstances after the sessions with Heather.”
-Vanessa B.
“If you are needing someone to help you with clarifying the next steps in your life, I can definitely recommend Heather. I don’t even know how she does it, but just chatting with her really helped. Without going into too much detail I was not sure I wanted to continue in my current field after I moved to Berlin, and she was amazing at helping me to focus on what mattered to me, set goals and next steps, and just brought a lot of clarity to the whole situation. For me, it really helped. I am doing something completely different now, and really happy.”
-Paul R. 
“I contacted Heather very short notice to help me prepare for a job interview at a company that really interested me. After a long job search, I wasn’t feeling confident with answering even the basic interview questions and I was also feeling uninspired for shining in the fast paced startup scene. After our 2 hour session, we went through the basics and I felt more than ready for my interview – Heather was understanding and amazingly supportive from the very first minute. The interview went so smooth, one month later I was signing my contract!”
-Teresa M.
“The time I spent with Heather was very transformative for me. She coached me through a difficult time in my life and helped me to get back on track with who I want to be. She creates a space where you can talk openly about your obstacles and setbacks but it’s the focus she keeps on moving forward that I found the most helpful. Her guiding questions, advice, empathy, understanding, and patience make her a truly supportive mentor. Instead of just giving you the answers, she helps you find them, and that makes all the difference. I left every session feeling more positive than before and I have her to deeply thank for all the progress I made. I would recommend Heather to anyone who’s feeling stuck in their lives but ready for a positive change.”
-Hannah T. 
“Heather coached me through a period of upheaval in my personal life, helping me to establish better mindsets, processes, and habits. I found her methodology of helping you guide yourself to be refreshing and transformative; it reminded me of my own power and gave me the confidence I needed to tackle my issues. She provides advice and leading questions, listening with a clear head and distilling the problems in a way that makes them feel simpler and approachable. I found her to be a patient, clear-headed, and wonderfully supportive mentor during a mentally and emotionally challenging time. And I have no doubt that her earnest and accessible approach made a huge impact on the transition I was navigating.” 
-Gabrielle S.
“Heather has a persona that makes me be able to open up in detail since the first session. She has full empathy hence it made me at ease talking to her. Our main focus was helping me to control my anxiety. Her approach is based on self-reflection to understand ourselves better and find the root cause. She advised me some tips based on my personality. Overall it was really nice coaching and it really helps me improve myself.”
-Wahyu K.
“From the first time I began spending time with Heather I felt completely at ease. Heather has a way of understanding, a character and an inner wisdom that emanates clearly from her persona. When coached by her, the space she provides to truly live your words, thoughts and feelings is tangible, with absolutely no distraction at all. Heather weaves her mastery into her questions so cleverly that there are moments where I even forget that I’m in coaching. Spending time with Heather has been so enlightening, eye opening and a true breath of fresh air. I’ll be back for more!”
-Michelle H.